Free maps for Navman S-series sat navs

Navman offers free GPS map upgrades
Navman offers free GPS map upgrades

Wait! Don't buy that sat nav just yet! If you wait a week, Navman will throw next year's maps for free, for anyone in the UK buying one of its current S-series GPS units.

Outdated maps are one of the biggest annoyances to serious sat nav users. TeleAtlas reckon that 20 per cent of European roads change every year (which might explain why we keep getting lost on the Paris Peripherique), and updates aren't cheap.

Treasure those maps

Navman has just announced that it will give anyone who buys an S-series sat nav (such as TechRadar favourites the S30 3D and S70 3D) between October and January, a free upgrade to next year's map when they arrive.

UK maps usually cost £40 and Euro maps a whopping £70, so it's a decent enough deal if you don't mind fiddling around with DVDs, update software and registering your unit online before the end of next February.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.