Panasonic updates FS and LS camera ranges

Panasonic has announces it has updated both its FS and LS range of cameras.

The FS range has three new cameras, the DMC-FS15, FS6 and FS7. Starting off with the FS15, Panasonic has given this 12.1MP snapper a wide-angle lens, capable of shooting at high angles; Intelligent Auto mode, which remedies most of your pic problems (red-eye, instable shots and exposure); and a 2.7-inch LCD to view your picture taking skills.

The camera utilises Panasonic's Venus Engine IV, which gives the cam a speedy picture response time and allows up to 5.5 shots a second.

There's also the ability to shoot movies on the camera in WVGA format.


The two other cameras in the FS range are the FS6 and FS7. The 8.1MP F6 sports a F2.8 Leica DC lens, which is capable of 4x zoom and also uses Panasonic's Venus Engine IV to help make sure photos taken are as good as they can be. This means that shots can be taken in quick succession – three a second in the best mode and around 5.5 a second in lower quality.

The FS7 is similar in spec but houses a 10.1MP sensor and a slightly lower shot-burst time of just two seconds.

Both cameras come equipped with a LCD screen (2.5-inches for the FS6 and 2.7-inches for the FS7) and are available in a multitude of colours, including silver, black and pink.


The lone LS series camera has an 8.1MP sensor, Intelligent Auto and comes with a f2.8 high quality Lumix DC Vario lens.

As with all cameras mentioned, Panasonic's Venus Engine IV is included and this means shot rates are speedier than ever.

Panasonic's new range of cameras will be out in March, with prices yet to be announced.

Marc Chacksfield

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