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Google Earth adds Ancient Rome 3D layer

Google takes a Roman holiday
Google takes a Roman holiday

Google Earth added another string to its virtual bow today, when it announced a free add-on to Google Earth that allows you to tour Ancient Rome in 3D.

The application will allow users to 'fly' into Rome and experience what it was like there in 320 AD.

You can also tour famous Roman sites, such as the Colosseum and the Forum of Julius Caesar.

As Ancient Rome 3D's primary use is as an educational tool, it is also stocked full of information regarding how the Romans lived all those years ago.

When in Rome...

Google has posted a short instructional video on YouTube about the new Google Earth feature, and it does look impressive, with numerous encyclopaedic pop-ups to tell you about the buildings that you visit.

Google Earth has been around since 2006, and already has many other 'layers' made for it, including Street View and an add-on that allows access to numerous 3D buildings found in major cities, such as New York and Hong Kong.

You can download the Ancient Rome 3D layer by pointing your browser to htp://