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PSP needs better games, says Sony boss

PSP range lacks a 'defining' title, says Sony man

Games developers need to be more creative with games designed for the PSP to attract new gamers to use the portable console. That's according to Tony Buckley, game director at SCEE ( Sony Computer Entertainment Europe ). He made the comments in an interview with our sister site CVG .

"It's our [developers'] job to create something that attracts people to PSP," said Buckley. "I think that rather than focusing on the gameplay side of it, we should be focusing on how to fully utilise what I think is quite a sophisticated piece of kit."

He went on to say: "I'm not too sure whether there is a killer piece of software out there that would make people say 'woah' - there are loads of great games out there. I just think that our team and other development teams need to utilise other areas of the machine."

On the PlayStation Network, currently competing with Microsoft's Xbox Live service, Buckley said: "From a personal view, expansion is a must. The internet is a global phenomenon. We need to allow people to do a lot more things online now.

PSP dominated by Nintendo DS

"Broadband internet makes streaming and sharing content so easy, and we've got to make use of that. But we've got to approach it in a way so that if you want to do something online through a PlayStation, it's got to be a common thing across all platforms. That's what we're striving for and the PSN is just the start of it."

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