BMW's weird tilting electric cargo bike is now real

Cube Concept Dynamic Cargo
(Image credit: Cube / BMW)

Back in July, we reported that BMW had designed an unusual electric cargo bike, the Dynamic Cargo, which pivots in the center to keep loads stable as you make tight turns in traffic. Good news if you've been grocery shopping; even better if you're doing the school run. Now, as Ebiketips reports, bike brand Cube has taken the blueprint and turned it into a real, rideable e-bike.

The Cube Concept Dynamic Cargo is a collaboration between the two German companies. The three-wheeler has a central axel, which means the front part can lean into bends without tilting the back, making the ride much more stable than a typical cargo bike, of the type used by delivery companies.

The bike has rear-wheel drive, which avoids the sensation of being 'pulled along' that can result from front-wheel drive cargo bikes. It has a total load capacity of 220kg including 60kg on the cargo bed, with extra storage available with an optional front carrier.

The rear cargo bed can be fitted with seats for one or two children, complete with suspension and five-point seatbelts, and a rain cover. There are also integrated lights for riding in poor weather conditions and at night, though it's interesting to note that Cube appears to have opted for a conventional chain drive rather than a carbon belt, which would have reduced maintenance. 

The Dynamic Cargo is still a concept, and not yet available to buy, but it looks as though Cube is working on a production model. A note on the company's website says that the "serial production is not yet complete", but hopefully we'll be able to test it ourselves and bring you a full review soon.

Analysis: cargo bikes are the future

Cargo bikes were once the domain of couriers and businesses (including UPS) looking for a quick, clean and cheap way to get packages from A to B, but they're also a good substitute for a second car for everyday errands like grocery shopping. That's particularly true of electric cargo bikes, which take the sweat and strain out of carrying heavy loads. 

The Dynamic Cargo isn't yet ready for production, but there are plenty of other options already out there. For example, the recently released Raleigh Stride 3 can carry plenty of groceries or packages in its front cargo bucket, which can also be fitted with baby or toddler seats. It's on sale now for £4,695 (about $6,500 / AU$8,800).

You can also pick up the 2021 Cube Cargo Hybrid Electric Cargo Bike for £4,099 (about $5,600 / AU$7,800), or the Rad Power Bikes RadWagon 4 for €1,799 (about $2,100 / £1,500 / AU$2,300). That's only slightly more than our current top-rated e-bike, the Cowboy 4, and very impressive for a vehicle that could replace your car for many trips.

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