LG: 'HD DVD isn't dead yet!'

The Super-Multi Blue drive reads HD DVD discs and reads and writes BD discs

LG has chosen to ignore the impending death of the HD DVD format and has launched a brand new


and HD DVD combo PC drive. It combines what LG says is the world’s fastest Blu-ray Disc rewriter with solid HD DVD-ROM functionality.

For those who want to buy an HD drive for their PC, this offers future-proofed compatibility with whatever format prevails in the format war. HD DVD might have lost the HD battle to Blu-ray on the Hollywood front, but there's still land to be grabbed in the storage market. However, you won’t be able to use this drive to write to HD DVD discs. Writing and rewriting is limited to BD only.

New Super-Multi Blue drive from LG

“With the increased volume of data available today, the need for alternative storage options is rising rapidly,” said Fiona Landsberg, marketing manager at LG.

“Not only are we choosing to store more data, such as digital images, music files and video, but we also continue to be bound by record keeping regulations, all of which take up precious space. LG’s revolutionary new 6x optical storage drive, the GGW-H20L, allows users to not only store massive volumes of data compactly, but it also does it in lightning speed. Our new 6x technology is set to transform the way we interact with data.”

In addition to the GGW-H20L, LG is also launching the GGC-H20L in the UK. This optical storage drive allows users to read Blu-ray discs at 6x speeds and HD DVD media at 3x. Unlike the GGW-H20L, it does not have the ability to write to Blu-ray.

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