Big-screen LG G6 confirmed in official invite

Although hardly the most surprising news, it's been confirmed that we'll be seeing a large-screen LG G6 at MWC 2017 in Barcelona later this month.

The invite to media doesn't give much away, other than that the phone will be unveiled in Barcelona on February 26, but does confirm that the renders we've seen thus far are accurate.

The larger and longer screen (which, again, has been confirmed in the past) is once again present and correct in the image, with the transparent panel highlighting how the screen is going to take up much of what you're holding.

We've seen multiple leaks of the LG G6 so far, with the most recent showing a slightly thick-looking model with a metal back, as well as previous snaps displaying a phone with a screen taking up much of the front.

Credit: UnderKG

Credit: UnderKG

But why, LG?

LG has long had a history of 'leaking' its own phones, showing different elements of the phone in teasers and press-releasing new components to be used in the handset ahead of its launch.

It's a confusing strategy to some – after all, it's the antithesis of what the most successful smartphone manufacturer does, with Apple's secrecy still legendary at a time when the internet is full of leaks.

However, LG has always been proud of the fact many of its components – such as the screen, battery and camera modules – come from internal divisions, and press-releasing that they'll be part of the upcoming flagship smartphone likely has a halo effect when dealing with other customers.

As to why the name is always announced ahead of time... well, it's hardly a surprise there either, given this is the sixth time the LG GX moniker has been used, so generating column inches now rather than trying to cut through the melee at MWC 2017 makes sense.

That said, LG could still do with remembering it has a press launch – at the LG G4 unveiling in London two years ago, executives were just showing off the phone to anyone that asked in the hours before the unveiling started. 

Here's hoping there's still a smidgen of a surprise to come in Barcelona...

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