Philips launches Fidelio docks for Android

Philips launches Fidelio docks for Android
Philips Fidelio AS111 - in the round

While everyone and their dog rushes to make speakers for iPod and Airplay, Android devices have been a tad neglected on the docking front; but Philips looks to redress the balance at IFA 2011 with its new Fidelio docking speakers for Android.

But Android connectors are all in different places on the handsets, we hear you cry – ah yes but Philips noticed that too, so it made a unique connector design that can hold any phone in both portrait and landscape positions.

It means the docks aren't quite as sleek and classy-looking as the uniform iPod hardware, but the range does come with an app which pairs the handset with the docking station via Bluetooth.


The AS111 is the most junior-looking of the range, with a circular clock-radio style form with a dock in the middle, it looks a little UFO-esque, which fits with the Android theme, we suppose.

The 360 degree speakers mean you get omni-directional sound, and it comes with a soft glow night light for sleepytime. Aww.

Onwards and upwards, and the AS351 is a little more kitchen-friendly with a mature look. It can be powered by battery or AC as well as letting you charge a second Android device via USB.

Philips android range

The AS351 comes with two 3-inch full range woofers and "superb gaming sound effects" as well.


Finally, the AS851 is the daddy of the lot, with what Philips describes as a "sensually" curved design. It offers digital sound processing (DSP) to bring you "lifelike, distortion-less music".

Philips android range

The range is based on the same speaker systems as the Fidelio for Apple line-up so you can be sure of the same tip top sound quality.

No word from Philips on the UK release date or pricing of the Android Fidelio line-up, but we've no doubt it will be out in time to make it into your Christmas stocking.

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