Apple Watch 5 is cheaper just in time for holiday shopping

Apple Watch 5
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The new Apple Watch 5 is getting a slight discount at the end of the year, which comes just in time for holiday shoppers. 

While the value isn’t too exciting - the best deal saves $25 off list price - it’s likely the best deal you’ll find on the latest Apple smartwatch. The company’s devices rarely see discounts in their first year on the market, so this is a rare instance.

The Apple Watch 5 introduced an always-on display that dims the watch face to a monochrome version that drains less battery when you’re not looking. There’s a handful of other improvements, like an internal compass that aids location-finding and elevation, as well as additional health tracking features.

Apple Watch 5 GPS-only 44mm $429$404 on B&H

Apple Watch 5 GPS-only 44mm $429 $404 on B&H
This deal saves $25 on the Apple Watch 5 - specifically the larger 44mm version, which has a bit more battery capacity and a slightly larger screen to match. This deal only applies to the GPS-only version in Pink Sand color with gold aluminum frame.

There's also a slightly less generous deal on the GPS + cellular version - which improves on the cell-connecting Apple Watches of the past by having its own App Store. Now you can download apps without having to run them through an iPhone.

Apple Watch 5 GPS + Cellular $499$479 on B&H

Apple Watch 5 GPS + Cellular $499 $479 on B&H
The cellular version of the Apple Watch 5 does what you'd expect, hooking up to a cell network and use data on the go - perfect for anyone who wants to leave their phone behind on runs or quick trips. 

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