Animal Crossing New Horizons' update adds new seasonal events – here's what you need to know

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting a brand-new update on April 23 that adds a bunch of exciting new features and some familiar faces to the popular Nintendo Switch game.

Two new visitors are heading to an island near you: a green-fingered sloth called Leif and the shifty art connoisseur, Redd. Players will find Leif next to his travelling garden shop, where he sells a variety of shrubs and seeds that you can plant (and ultimately water every day). 

Redd, meanwhile, will occasionally sail to shore in his Treasure Trawler to sell players in-game art. He'll also stock uniquely-colored furniture, but all is not what it seems... Players will have to determine whether the art pieces Redd sells are actually real, as unfortunately he stocks quite a lot of fakes. If you do manage to avoid being ripped off, though, you can donate genuine pieces of art to Blathers, the island museum’s curator.

Speaking of Blathers, fossil collectors are in for a hoot as the museum is due to expand so that more items can be displayed. That includes all those yucky bugs that Blathers seems to hate so much.

'Tis the season

Players will also have plenty to do in the coming weeks, as Nintendo has outlined the next seasonal events now that Bunny Day has come to an end. 

Nature Day takes place from April 23 to May 4, and includes new activities where you can earn plenty of Nook Miles – think in-game achievements – to cash in. 

May Day begins, somewhat predictably, on May 1 to May 7. Players can fly out to a new island for a limited time and can look forward to a special visitor.

International Museum Day kicks off on May 18 to May 31, and players can take part in a Stamp Rally. Once you’ve grabbed your stamp card, you can mosey around your museum and earn stamps by viewing the exhibitions on display.

Finally, the Wedding Season takes place on June 1 to June 30, and you’ll have to step in as the wedding photographer to snap pictures of Reese and Cyrus’ happy day. You can look forward to wedding-themed items in the game as a result, and get ready to see hundreds of Animal Crossing proposal videos on social media soon.

We enjoyed our time on Nintendo’s island full of adorable animals, and said the game was “a genuine pole-vault forward that will appeal to veteran residents and newcomers alike” in our review.

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