Android-based Philips TVs will support Disney Plus at launch in Europe

(Image credit: Disney Plus)

The Disney Plus TV app is coming to all Android-based European Philips smart TVs in time for the streaming service's launch in this continent, TechRadar learned today. This is encouraging news if you own such a TV, as it means you'll be able to watch Disney Plus natively without using a device like a Fire Stick or a games console. 

It was announced today that Disney Plus will launch on March 24 in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Switzerland, which is a little earlier than expected. It'll cost £59.99 per year in the UK, or £5.99 per month if you'd prefer to pay that way. 

Until today, we didn't really hear many specifics about its European launch, but now that information is finally starting to reach us. The all-in-one subscription fee includes movies and TV in 4K, when it's available, which is a big difference from Netflix's tiered subscription packages.  

The future of Philips

It's a big day for Philips news. Earlier, we reported about how Philips' range of 2020 OLED TVs will feature AI picture processing, to offer the highest quality image possible. We also learned about how the manufacturer is teaming up with Bower and Wilkins to integrate high-quality sound systems into its LED TVs.

For our American readers, it's worth reiterating that the TP Vision part of Philips sadly doesn't distribute the new sets discussed here in North America - but they are bringing Philips' OLED TVs from last year to America in 2020.

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