AMD’s Big Navi graphics card could arrive at Computex 2020

(Image credit: AMD)

AMD is preparing to launch its high-end Navi graphics card at Computex, according to the latest from the GPU grapevine.

This comes from that well-known source of graphics-related leaks Videocardz, which floated the rumored launch date on Twitter.

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As you can see, according to details imparted by graphics cards manufacturers, AMD will launch its Big Navi GPU – otherwise known as the ‘Nvidia killer’ – around Computex which takes place in June.

Naturally, we can’t put too much faith in a single rumor, and indeed this is only what’s ‘expected’ by said GPU makers at the moment, so even they aren’t certain. But it would appear that this is AMD’s intended launch timeframe.

Of course the other question is whether a launch might be an actual launch – where the high-end GPU is announced as imminently going on sale – or an initial reveal, ahead of the card hitting the shelves later in the year.

Concrete confirmation

What we do know is that AMD’s chief executive has just given us concrete confirmation that there will be a high-end Navi graphics card released this year. And of course Computex is a suitably likely candidate for that launch.

Particularly as the other thing we’ve recently seen is another mention of the Radeon RX 5950XT in an EEC filing, which could be the product name of AMD’s incoming high-end card, and might indicate that it will be arriving sooner rather than later this year.

Previous rumors dating way back have pointed to a mid-2020 launch, and of course perhaps the most pressing consideration for AMD must be that it needs to get its skates on with this high-end product.

Mainly because Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs are on the horizon, and as that Videocardz tweet mentions, an Nvidia graphics card launch is expected in Q2. If the ‘Nvidia killer’ ends up competing against the likes of the RTX 3080 rather than current Turing cards, then that’s likely a narrative which won’t end well for AMD.

Still, none of this means a Computex launch will happen, of course, because ultimately it all depends on whether or not Big Navi is ready. Naturally, if it isn’t ready, it won’t be launched – simple as.

All we can do, as ever, is watch and wait, but we can certainly expect the leaks and rumors to start coming thicker and faster for both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards as 2020 progresses.

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