Amazon Prime membership reduced to £59 - but there's an annoying catch

Amazon Prime membership discount

If you put off signing up to Amazon Prime membership around Amazon Prime Day, then feel free to feel incredibly smug as your patience has been rewarded with a massive £20 reduction on the £79 annual fee. It's one of the best deals we've seen in the bank holiday sales.

That's as low as Prime Day membership gets and is excellent value for money considering the benefits: free next day delivery, Prime video and music streaming, exclusive discounts and even live streaming of the upcoming US Open tournament. However, it's not for everyone.

Last year, we saw a similar discount ahead of Prime Day in July, giving buyers an ideal chance to save some money while signing up to the service that is required to take advantage of the exclusive discount sales event. And seeing as a similar deal never came around this year, we imagine many of you signed up to either the free trial, monthly membership or maybe even a full year.

Which makes the following all the harder to hear. This newly discounted rate, which is on promotion until August 30, is only open to new members though. So basically a kick in the teeth for existing users. Yes, even if you're only paying month by month, and could leave at any time, you can't do your best Philip J. Fry impression and tell Amazon to take your money.

Is there another way to get cheap Amazon Prime?

Well, a sneaky workaround could be signing up with a different email address. You'll have to build up your watchlist again and have a different login to Amazon for shopping and Amazon Prime video services, so it might require an extra layer of friction, especially on mobile if you use the Amazon shopping and streaming apps. But considering the size of the discount, it might be worth it. It's also worth considering the US membership went up in price by $20 not so long ago and we haven't had a similar increase in the UK yet and we wouldn't be surprised if one was just around the corner.

Don't forget, after a year, membership will auto-renew for another year, but at the regular £79 price.

Brendan Griffiths

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