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Amazon Fire TV Stick is unbelievably cheap right now

Amazon wasn’t content with just one set day for deals. While the internet may have decided on a single day to unleash its best deals on your favorite products - Cyber Monday - Amazon is stretching it out for seven full days and giving it a new moniker: Cyber Week

While this is an absolute brutal assault on its retail competitors, it’s actually a fairly good deal for your wallet. Case in point? The 38% off deal on the Amazon Fire TV Stick

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Amazon’s pint-sized video streaming device usually sells for $39/£39 - probably the best deal this side of a Chromecast - but, this week only, Amazon’s cut that price but 38% - or around $15/£15 for us non-math people. 

That brings the grand total for the Amazon Fire TV Stick to $24.99 - or, if you live in the UK, £24.99.

Why is this worthwhile? We could prattle off the history of Amazon’s storied streamer - how it launched back in 2014, sold out immediately and how the latest model crammed Alexa into an already smart streamer - but we’ll spare you the boring details. Instead, just know that it’s a great deal on a great streamer and could make for a great small present for the holidays. 

Snag an Amazon Fire TV Stick for $24.99 on Amazon!
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Amazon Fire TV is only £24.99 on
If you're looking for the British-English version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can find it on sale on Amazon's UK website for  around £25. Considering it usually retails for £40, it's one of the best deals this streamer's ever seen. View Deal