Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen now just £29 in first big deal of the year

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Today's deals at Amazon are offering the excellent 4th gen Amazon Echo Dot for £29.99 (was £59) (opens in new tab) - just £1 off the lowest price yet on this entry-level smart speaker.

While Echo Dot deals on the latest model have been becoming more commonplace over the past few months (especially over Black Friday) this 40% discount is the best of 2022 so far. In short, it's a great opportunity if you didn't manage to score a price cut on Amazon's latest entry-level smart speaker at the end of last year.

Features-wise, the Amazon Echo Dot (4th gen) packs in all the essential smart-speaker functionality you'd expect from an Echo device. It's fully Alexa voice compatible, has a small but powerful speaker, and is an absolute breeze to set up and get going. Whether you're simply looking to play tunes, control your devices, or make use of a smart assistant, this is absolutely one of the cheapest ways to do so.

It's also rocking the rather distinctive spherical design that's become a hallmark of Amazon's latest Echo devices. Is it stylish? Well, it's certainly more space-age looking than the rather plain and boring 3rd generation device. Either way, the 4th gen Echo Dot is small enough to inconspicuously settle-in in most environments.

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Cheap Amazon Echo Dot 4th gen

£49.99 (opens in new tab)

Amazon Echo Dot 4th generation: £49.99 £29.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Save £20
and pick up Amazon's latest entry-level smart speaker for within £1 of its cheapest ever price. Coming in either charcoal, white, or grey colors, this great little gadget is a fantastic buy if you're looking to kick-start your smart home setup on a budget. With full Alexa voice functionality, the Echo Dot can easily control other devices, play music, or even take calls.

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