A T-Rex will be launched at CES 2020

(Image credit: Amazfit)

If there's one thing the history of evolution has taught us, it's that life will not be contained. Is this the reason we'll see a T-Rex launched at CES 2020?

Unsurprisingly, no. Sadly, we're not in for a Jurassic Park moment becoming reality during the first week of January, rather it'll be a new product from Chinese wearable manufacturer Huami - who is behind the 'Amazfit' line of devices.

We've been given a teaser of the name thanks to a Weibo post from the firm, which shows the silhouette of the iconic dinosaur against a camouflaged background.

TechRadar has been told that the T-Rex will be 'specializing in outdoor features', but no further information has been provided at this time.

Previous rumors suggested that the firm may be working on a smart shoe, but Huami founder Wang Huang has since come out and said this is not the case, although the product will be, in some way, related to shoes.

Three new devices incoming

While CES 2020 officially kicks off on January 7 (press conferences start on Jan 5), - with Huami saying the T-Rex will be one of three new devices it has at the show (the others being a smartwatch and true wireless earbuds respectively) - we may find out more on the T-Rex ahead of time.

The initial Amazfit T-Rex announcement is set for January 1 - at least, it is in China - and we expect the global launch to happen at CES 2020.

Whatever the T-Rex may be we'll be sure to get hands on with it during the show, along with the new Amazfit smartwatch and earbuds, so make sure you keep it locked to TechRadar.

John McCann
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