A new version of the Xiaomi Black Shark 3 gaming phone may land soon

Xiaomi Black Shark 3
Xiaomi Black Shark 3 (Image credit: Future)

The Xiaomi Black Shark 3 hasn't been out long (and the Black Shark 3 Pro hasn't even been released in all regions), but it seems the gaming phone is about to get a successor.

This comes from Chinese social media platform Weibo, where the Black Shark brand posted a teaser for the 'Black Shark 3S'. There's a date included in the post too, so we know something is happening on July 31.

In 2019, the Black Shark 2 didn't come alongside a Pro version and that shipped later with a few newer features, and it's likely the 3S was created with a similar intent. 

After all, since the Black Shark 3 launched plenty of competitors like the Nubia Red Magic 5G, Asus ROG Phone 3 and Lenovo Legion Phone Duel have been announced, and many sport better features than the Xiaomi phone. We'll find out more on July 31.

What is the Black Shark 3S?

We don't know anything about the Xiaomi Black Shark 3S right now, though we can speculate a bit. Firstly, it's likely it'll come with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset.

The Black Shark 3 came with the standard Snapdragon 865 chipset inside, but since that phone's release the Plus variant has been unveiled with some optimizations to make it better for gaming. 

Since plenty of other gaming phones have been announced with the chipset, Xiaomi would do well to stay competitive by putting it in the phone.

Secondly, we'd expect the device to have a screen refresh rate over the 90Hz of the Black Shark 3. This number is low compared to other gaming phones, and it's probably one of the biggest weaknesses this device has over other gaming phones.

The Black Shark 3S might have more RAM than the Black Shark 3, which had 8GB or 12GB depending on which model you opted for - some gaming phones now have a whopping (and arguably unnecessary) 16GB.

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