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Apple keyboard 2007 Wireless review

Apple continues its aluminium makeover

The new Apple keyboard is now a super-slim aluminium board

Our Verdict

A statement in both style and function. Easy to use, and great-looking too


  • Highly compact and stylish

    USB 2.0 ports

    Easy to use

Continuing Apple's shift away from white plastic, the new Apple keyboard is now a super-slim aluminium board. In a nutshell, Apple has nicked the keys from its MacBook laptop, embedded them into a 0.4 cm thick aluminium tray and added in a few function keys to make the keyboard. It feels exactly like a laptop to use, though lower to the table top.

We tested the wired version, but there's a more compact wireless version too. In terms of comfort, this board is a big step up from the old board because it sits almost flush with the desk and requires practically no wrist elevation.

The keys need only a little pressure to imprint commands. It gave us fast typing with minimal effort.

You get F1-F19 keys plus additional multimedia keys for browsing playlists, and shortcuts to the Dashboard and Expose areas of the Apple OS.

The twin USB ports, one at each long end, have been updated to USB 2.0 and there are no other ports on the board. We loved the design. The layout is simple but functional, and yes, it's Windows compatible too.