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Hiper Osiris review

A premium case - both stylish and sturdy

Hiper Osiris
The simplicity of design with the Osiris is not a symptom of corners being cut

Our Verdict

A very well made and reliable case


  • Simple and sturdy build
  • Looks good
  • Great value

The Hiper Osiris is formed from the same metal that Lockheed Martin, the aircraft manufacturers, used on the wings of its stealth bomber wings.

Okay, so it's nothing to do with stealth, but the 6063-T5 alloy the Osiris is made from is strong, light and will capably protect your PC's innards. The black finish is stylish and has the classic feel of more expensive Lian-Li cases.

Hiper's high-end case

The simplicity of design is not a symptom of corners being cut, but of a cleaner approach to the make up of a chassis. The side panels lift off and unlock via some satisfyingly sturdy latches and give you unhindered access to your computer's internals.

Like many of the more professional high-end cases around at the moment, the Osiris has located the PSU at the bottom of the case with a filtered air-intake vent to suck in some cool air. With today's freaky-big PSUs this relocation creates a far more stable PC.

It's a well-appointed, well-finished case that will look good housing your beloved PC components and won't bankrupt you for doing so.