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LG L1900R review

LG mixes form with function

As always with LG, this is a stylish choice

Our Verdict

If you want your external screen to be more than functional, this is definitely the indulgence to opt for


  • Stylish design

    Quick enough for gamers

    High definition


  • Not the most versatile

This isn't your average computer monitor, being designed with flair and a keen eye for style. For instance, you don't slot any cable directly into the display. You'll find a neatly detailed extension cord that accepts the power supply and a single DVI-out cable.

LG supplies a range of cables, so if your laptop only has a VGA-out port, you can still use the monitor, but the signal will be in analogue, rather than digital.

While most laptops now ship with a widescreen display, this 19-inch panel is in the older 4:3 aspect ratio, so there is a degree of resizing taking place if you hook it up to a widescreen laptop.

While the design may suggest this to be a cutting-edge product, it's not the fastest panel on the market. However, it's quick enough for mainstream gamers and those who need to edit photos on a regular basis.

Being a high-definition panel, it has a far higher resolution than your average laptop, so unless your portable can accept resolutions higher than 1280 x 1024 pixels, you'll find the image is downsized in quality and doesn't really live up to expectations. But plug in a decent laptop and the LG comes to life, giving stunning image quality.

The LG 1900R isn't an everyday tool, but as a designer monitor there is no faulting the finish or the eye to detail that has been put into the product. It's not the most expensive monitor out there but then again, it isn't the most versatile.

If you want your external screen to say something more than functional when you plug your laptop into it, this is definitely the indulgence to opt for.