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600 Euros for driving with mobiles in Portugal

Where are you off to this summer with your mobile?
Where are you off to this summer with your mobile?

Using your mobile phone at the wheel in Europe could cost you more than you think if you're travelling about a bit.

A study by Jabra has shown you could be stung for up to €600 if you get caught with your mobile plastered to you ear, with Portugal (€600 / £475) and Italy (€584 / £462) among the highest chargers.

Greece: frightening

If you're feeling a bit risky, you can always try the offence in Greece, where it will cost you a mere €60 (£48) to get nicked, but they'll have your license for a month, which might destroy your fun if you're on a driving holiday.

It seems the place to go if you're into getting fined for using a mobile while driving, but haven't got much money, then Russia is your destination of choice.

For a mere €8.5 (£6.70) you can drive with your tunes playing and chatting to that delightful girl you met in Moscow the night before if the police catch up with you.

Have a look at the handy map if you're planning a mobile-happy holiday across the continent.