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This Apple launch Bad Lip Reading parody is the best thing you'll see today

We're big fans of the Bad Lip Reading (BLR) channel here at TechRadar, the YouTube brand that takes high-profile public speaking events and adds its on interpretation of the words being said.

So when we saw that BLR had parodied an Apple launch, we were straight onto the video - and it does not disappoint.

With launches of elements like the DeBonk DeBonk musical can opener, the Apple Wish Prince app and the, well, Apple Hole, the graphics are so well done that it would be hard to convince someone without any clue about Apple's line up that some of these aren't real.

Do you have a wiiiiiiIIIIISH?

To be honest, if Apple does make a robot there's every chance it will be called Handsome Anthony, although the moustache might be a step too far.

We've been at every major Apple launch for years, and we're struggling to name what some of these products actually are - so if you've got a better idea, let us know over on Twitter through our @techradar channel.

Watch the video below to get the full effect for yourself - not just for the made up product launches, but more the fact the launch presentation itself is parodied so well, with Tim Cook at one point admonishing the audience for not being excited enough and Craig Federighi running off stage for a pee.