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New clues that Kindle 2 coming to Europe

The Kindle 2 coming to the UK?
The Kindle 2 coming to the UK?

The Amazon Kindle 2 could be making its way over to the UK after a slot for a SIM card was found on the circuit board of the e-reader.

After a serious unboxing from iFixit in the US, the SIM-sized whole, complete with space in the plastic housing, was discovered, sparking questions about the future of the device outside of the US.

Currently Amazon offers the Kindle 2 with free access to the Whispernet network via Sprint's EVDO network, with an inbuilt CDMA radio.

Not for the Brits

However, this won't work over in the UK, so that will have to be swapped out for a GSM or better variant, so it's not clear whether the slot would even be necessary if it could be built to connect to, say, Vodafone or T-Mobile's networks.

So it could have just been put there for development or something equally as non-fun, but that would be rubbish so it's probably best to disregard that theory.

Other tidbits from the iFixit report showed the E-Ink panel isn't too well-protected, so you may need to cover the screen. Although it can retain an image even if the battery is disconnected, so if you're about to run out of power then make sure it's a good page.

From iFixit via Engadget