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Zuckerberg promises dozens of Facebook phones this year

More Facebook phones on the way
More Facebook phones on the way

Mark Zuckerberg has shed a little more light on the Facebook mobile strategy by promising a slew of new phones with deep Facebook integration.

Speaking on video at the HTC press conference to announce the HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa, Zuckerberg said that this was the first step of many in the industry:

"[For the ChaCha and Salsa] HTC took the initiative; a lot has been made about a single Facebook phone, but you can expect dozens of phones with deeper integration than ever before."

Making social a success

"In other arenas like gaming, the ones that make the successful products are the ones that just jump right in and think about making social integration a success.

"We're happy with the direction HTC has taken, and look forward to a lot more to come."

This was a sentiment echoed by Chamath Palihapitiya, VP of growth for Mobile at Facebook when he took to the stage at the press conference:

"This is the first step - the first of many things to come between HTC and us."

The HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa aren't the only 'Facebook phones' this year - INQ has also come out with the INQ Cloud Touch and Cloud Q, which feature a different kind of deep Facebook integration, so it looks this is going to be a trend at the lower end of the cost scale.

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