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Tacky 50 grand mobile plastered in diamonds

The Softbank 823SH range includes bits of animals as well as diamonds

Never a place to disappoint, Japan has been even odder than usual this week, with not just a £375,000 platinum-encased PC released, but also a £50,000 mobile phone.

The PC is really just a publicity stunt from a strictly minor-league reseller - we doubt it even exists and are happy to ignore it - but the phone is actually for sale and comes courtesy of Softbank Mobile.

Diamonds not forever

Softbank, which bought out Vodafone in Japan and is the number three carrier there, is genuinely offering its ¥10 million 'Premium Texture' 823SH handset for sale, albeit in a very small batch of ten.

The garish mobile is covered in 400 tiny diamonds from Tiffany Japan, making it more likely to end up in a display case than in someone's pocket. We can see those costly little chunks of carbon pinging off left, right and centre.

More appealing, however, are its less garish siblings that come with a choice of front panels made of everything from wood to pink crocodile skin. Specs are nothing to write home about, though - 101g, W-CDMA only, Bluetooth and a 2-megapixel shooter. Still, if you like faux animal hide...