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Sony too is cutting down on the number of phones it makes

Xperia Z3 Sony
Was the Sony Xperia Z3 a dud?

Many smartphone makers - most noticeably Samsung, though others are guilty too - have operated under the philosophy "quantity over quality" for several years.

But a Samsung exec revealed in November that the Korean company is changing its tune going into 2015, and now Sony has said the same, reports Reuters.

Sony Mobile Chief Hiroki Totoki reportedly told investors that the company is going to start prioritizing profit over "size or market share."

They'll let sales dip as much as 30% as long as that means recovering from their $2.1 billion (about £1.33b, AU$2.46b) loss from this fiscal year.

Let gaming lead the way

Totoki said the Xperia smartphones, including the new flagship Sony Xperia Z3, didn't perform as the company had hoped.

They'll reveal more about the Xperia line's future - presumably including info on the Xperia Z4 that leaked in late November - around March 2015.

But with Sony TVs taking a dive along with smartphones, the company will reportedly rely on its PlayStation video games, video and music distribution services and image sensor business for the next few years.

Hopefully that means a return to profitability - and we won't complain about a greater focus on the PS4 and PS Vita.