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NFC could be the key to locks for Yale

NFC could be the key to locks for Yale
Yale, using NFC to lock up

Yale has announced that it is to release a lock that can be opened using NFC technology.

While NFC has so far been all about replacing your wallet, Yale is hoping the technology will do away with keys as well.

As well as being NFC-enabled, the Yale Real Living lock system comes with a capacitive touchscreen and keypad and is compatible with Z-Wave and ZigBee wireless technology – so will fit seamlessly into any digital home.

The new lock was shown off at CEDIA earlier in the month and, according to Yale, will be "the first line of residential locks that can be unlocked directly using an NFC-enabled mobile phone".

Locking off

With Google jumping wholeheartedly on the NFC bandwagon with Google Wallet and Orange announcing it is set to unveil new transport partners for its variation of NFC, the technology is going from strength to strength.

Whether it will replace your keys, though, is up for debate – but with big names such as Yale on board, soon the 'wallet, keys, phone' check you do in the mornings could be about to get a whole lot simpler.

Check out the NFC-enabled lock in action below:

Via Talk Android