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Mobile phone VoIP calling becomes easier

fring has tied up a deal with The Cloud to make mobile VoIP calling easier

Making free mobile calls using VoIP has just got easier, with mobile VoIP service fring now offering automatic broadband internet access via The Cloud 's Wi-Fi network.

Fring and The Cloud today introduced a mobile VoIP client optimised to carry fring's service on The Cloud's Wi-Fi network. Anyone with an account with The Cloud will be able to use the service from a Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phone. Mobile users with the fring client loaded onto their Wi-Fi-enabled phones can set their handsets to automatically recognize, log on to and register on The Cloud.

The fring service provides a range of free mobile VoIP communications services, using mobile phone networks or via Wi-Fi hotspots. Users can make voice calls and send messages using services including Skype , Google Talk , Windows Live Messenger (MSN) and Twitter .

"Auto-connection to The Cloud's Wi-Fi network, which covers the City of London as well as 7,500 locations across the UK, will give fring users easier freedom of movement to mVoIP talk and chat with unaided Internet access from their mobile handsets," commented Roy Timor-Rousso, VP Product Marketing, fring.