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Kogan's Android phone efforts aren't dead

The new Kogan Agora
The new Kogan Agora

The Kogan Agora - previously tipped as the second Android phone before hastily backtracking on such plans - has been seen in the wild again, promising the new version will be even better than before.

Those chaps over at Gizmodo Australia managed to bag some hands-on time with a pre-production model, showing Android running on a BlackBerry-esque device.

While the reports are pretty favourable, it's unclear over how the next Kogan Agora device will make its debut, with the founder Ruslan Kogan saying he'll be making a version with a full touchscreen, a la the newly released HTC Magic.

This means a roughly 3.5-inch touch display that uses the full Cupcake keyboard that the Magic has been touting as the answer to physical QWERTY, although the jury's still out on that one.


The idea of a BlackBerry-a-like running Android was part of the charm of the original device that caught the interest of the internet a few months ago, so to ditch it seems a little counter-intuitive.

Couple that with the fact new Android phones are starting to pop up thick and fast, and it seems unlikely the Agora will thrive outside of its home country of Australia.

Still, we'd like to see this make it to production, as it seems there are some good design ideas on the handset, and the more Android phones, the better the OS will become.

Via Gizmodo Australia