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First WinMo 6.5 devices coming in September?

Windows Mobile 6.5... ready to unleash the peacock
Windows Mobile 6.5... ready to unleash the peacock

It seems if you're looking for a dead-cert to bet your mortgage on in these credit crunched times, then Microsoft bringing out Windows Mobile 6.5 at Mobile World Congress later this month would be the punt to take.

And following that announcement, it seems likely that the first devices sporting the new operating system will be coming around September 2009, according to ZDNet, which cites industry 'sources', which seem to be inline with the rumours trickling around the internet.

The word on the street is manufacturers will get their hands on the code around April, meaning a four month turnaround for the new wave of handsets.

Quick fix?

It's still not clear why Microsoft has decided to release WinMo 6.5 when it has such a big update coming in the shape of WM 7, but it could be in response to the need to allow easier navigation of touchscreen phones.

However, WM7 won't be too far behind 6.5, meaning the new release could be nothing more that a stop-gap to fix a few flaws.

Developers will be able to get their hands on the new code for WM 7 in November of this year, according to ZDNet, and from there the new handsets based on the platform should arrive around April.

So if you're a fan of Windows Mobile but can't stand the 6.1 version, then keep your eyes peeled for MWC... TechRadar will be there to give you all the gossip and news as it breaks.