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Asus iMac-style Eee Monitor pictured

The Asus Eee Monitor – an all-in-one-style PC to compete with Apple's iMac series – was first announced at Computex last month, with these latest pictures of the computer revealing a little more.

Details are currently pretty scarce, other than the device is clearly fairly slim and is also set to feature Denon audio. It's basically looking like it's going to be a cheap, iMac-clone - which is no bad thing!

iMac clone

Ports on the rear of the Asus Eee Monitor include Ethernet and Firewire ports, as can be seen from the second picture right here.

EeePCnews claims that the Asus Eee monitor is going to cost at least $500 (£250) and is set to have the following specs:

min. 19 inch Display
Intel Atom N270
min. 40GB SSD oder min. 80GB HDD
5 x USB 2.0
4 in 1 Cardreader
Modem, Ethernet, Firewire

TechRadar has contacted Asus today for futher official details on specs, pricing and release date on the Asus Eee monitor, so stay tuned for updates soon.

You can feast your eyes on loads more leaked Asus Eee Monitor pictures over at Eeepcnews