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Oraimo launches its smart accessories in India

Oraimo has announced the launch of its new mobile accessories in India, the world’s second largest smartphone market. Transsion Holdings, Oraimo’s parent company, has collated a strong portfolio so that they infiltrate every segment of the market from Bluetooth enabled headphones and speakers to power banks,  including chargers, data cables, smartwatches and selfie sticks. 

The Oraimo Bluetooth audio devices are in-ear, over-the-ear, and wireless headphones

The wired headphones are manufactured using break-resistant Kevlar fibres. The wireless variants, on the other hand, boast of 240 hours of standby time on a singular charge along with HD voice clarity. This essentially means that they meet the standard for voice calls that virtually eliminate all background noise. The company touts its ‘smartest’ earphones to be HALO OEP-E21 and OEB-E53D. The earphones will cost between Rs 799 and Rs 1999.

Alternatively, the Oraimo Bluetooth speakers will cost between Rs 1,499 and Rs 1,999. They claim to have up to six hours of playback time, strong bass, a light show and TF (TransFlash) card support. The Rocker OBS-51D and OBS-32S variants are going to be highlights of this range.

Moving on to the power banks, the Oraimo line will include the 6000mAh Aurora PB-60AR, 10000mAh Gorilla OPB-P102D and the 1.3cm slim 10000mAh Toast OPB-P103D in particular. These power banks seem to include some impressive features, such as, dual-power output with fast-charging support, a built-in LED torch and a multi-protect safety system. Multi-protect basically means that the power banks will be built to guard against overheating, fires, explosions and other risks that are commonly associated with generic rapid chargers. 

The brand claims to have capitalised on Transsion Holding’s research and development capabilities to increase the density of the lithium-polymer batteries in these devices. The power banks will cost between Rs 899 and Rs 2,299.

Adding to the power spectrum, Oraimo has also launched its in-car chargers with universal compatibility, dual-output smartphone chargers with fast-charging support and protectors with 9H hardness. To put that into perspective, 5H is usually how hard glass is and 10H is diamond level toughness. 

In addition to these standard products, they’ve also launched retractable 2-in-1 cables, reversible design-based fast charging cables, and charging cables with twin heads. The cables themselves comprise of a durable fishnet jacket, a copper varnished core and gold-plated plugs that add to the durability of the products. All of these will be priced between Rs 199 and Rs 599.

The Oraimo smart watch, Tempo OFB-10 performs the usual functions of a pedometer, monitoring your sleep quality, enable alarms and reminders on a battery claimed to last a whole week. Apparently, it also capture photographs which should be an interesting feature to witness. Different variants will costs between Rs 2,999 to Rs 6,999.

The smart watches, power banks, earphones, speakers, memory banks and chargers will come with a one year replacement warranty while the products will have a six month replacement warranty. 

"We aim to follow the inroads made by other brands from Transsion in India, and establish industry benchmarks by acquiring the pole position within our domain in a record-breaking time. In line with its brand philosophy 'Keep Exploring', the rich offerings from Oraimo will surely add a lot of excitement to our consumers' lives," Guoli Liu, the General Manager of Oraimo, stated in reference to Spice, Infinix, itel and TECNO.

Prabhjote Gill is the Senior Journalist at Business Insider India. She covering everything space, tech and defence at Business Insider India. She is also in-charge of allocating stories to junior writers.