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Motorola top manufacturer in the US

Motorola bounces back
Motorola bounces back

According to recent statistics, Motorola is still clinging on to top spot in the mobile phone manufacturer stakes in the US.

Despite losing ground in almost all territories worldwide, the manufacturer built on a strong US history to remain on top. Sales for mobiles in the US grew 5.3 per cent in the past year.

LG leapt back into the top two phone manufacturers as high-speed connectivity becomes increasingly important to consumers, while the Koreans have struck a strong relationship with AT&T.


RIM's BlackBerry also exhibited vigorous signs of life in the US, achieving over 10 per cent of the market for the first time in the company's history.

Neil Mawston, Director at Strategy Analytics, the company which authored the report, said: "Motorola had a good quarter and retained its number one position in the USA, with a 25.8 percent market share.

"Motorola's strong distribution network and deep carrier-relationships proved crucial in maintaining share in both GSM and CDMA markets.

The company is not yet out of the woods, but these are encouraging, early signs of stabilisation."