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Is the Motorola Q11 secretly the Alexander?

Spy pics of the Motorola Alexander
Spy pics of the Motorola Alexander

Motorola's 'last stand' handset, the rumoured Alexander, could be dropping in our laps sooner than expected if a recent filing to the Bluetooth SIG is to be believed.

Dubbed the Q11, and given the cryptic description of 'Phone, handheld' (what other kinds of phone are there out there? Leg-use handsets? Oh, maybe headsets...) this is a Windows Mobile 6.1 running device, like the Alexander.

High end

The Alexander is likely to be a high end QWERTY keyboarded smartphone, but with a decent amount of features, including a possible 8MP camera.

It has been dubbed by many as the handset that HAS to do well in order to help Moto recover its handset business.

In fairness, Moto isn't really running on its last legs just yet, as it has rallied well in a tough US market, where it has leapt back up the charts.

But the lack of stand out handsets in recent months has damaged the company worldwide, prompting a possible full-on split of the handset division from the parent company.

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