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MySpace to offer mobile video streaming

Streaming MyVideos
Streaming MyVideos

MySpace is making streaming video available for mobiles from its members' pages.

The News Corp. owned social network is making video viewable over a host of nobile devices including the BlackBerry Bold, Palm Centro Motorola Q9 and Nokia's popular N95.

MySpace subscribers will be able to watch content on their own and friends spaces as well as the hosts of video channels on the site such as Family Guy and Diagonal Views.


As you may expect, the video on demand (VOD) will be streamed from MySpace via the phone's browser, with MySpace working with RipCode to bring the service to many different handsets without the user having to upload in several formats.

Because the service is streamed through the browser and does not use Quicktime - the MySpace videos will not be compatible with Apple's iPhone.

MySpace's venture, which is the first from a major social network, will be supported by advertising. It has not been confirmed if the functionality will be available globally.