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Android phone released this year

Android this year; woohoo!
Android this year; woohoo!

HTC's chief financial officer Hui-ming Cheng has stated the company is still on target to release a phone running the new Android UI from Google and others.

The handset, rumoured to be the still unknown HTC Dream, will ship in Q4 this year, which is getting mighty close for a phone that hasn't been revealed yet.

Network interest

Apparently, network operators have begun showing interest in this device, though no companies in the UK have stated that they'll be carrying the handset.

Android is being developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance, which includes companies such as Samsung and LG from the manufacturers' world, as well as T-Mobile from the 'other side'.

Android is set to take on the might of the Symbian Foundation, as mobile phone interfaces move into a more 'open-source' method of operation. The upshot for the consumer is likely to be a world where applications are developed for free or with a fee, in a similar way to Apple's AppStore.

And of course, the mobile world is an area Google is keen to expand into, so its first attempt at a handset UI will be interesting to watch.