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Sony S1 and S2 tablets get a video teaser

Sony S1 and S2 - video stars as well as tablets
Sony S1 and S2 - video stars as well as tablets

Sony has released an intriguing video teaser for its upcoming tablet range, which offers little in the way of information but still manages to be an oddly interesting watch.

As with most of Sony's advertising, the promo is a touch off the wall. It focuses on a strange contraption that looks like a futuristic version of the game Mousetrap.

In it, the Sony S1 and S2 are involved in sending digital love notes between two figurines. Yep, we want whatever they are smoking too.

Tablet talk

As it is free of anything regarding specs information, it's good then that we already know that the S1 has a 9.4-inch screen, boasts a Tegra 2 chip and has dual cameras. The S2 is a clamshell tablet which has two 5.5-inch displays. It also has Tegra 2 and dual cameras and both tablets pack Android 3.0.

The video is the first in a five-part series, so it looks like the tablet love story is set to continue.

Just this week, Engadget reported that the Sony S1 and S2 have been pencilled in for a September release.