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Amazon's super cheap Fire tablet just got more storage

Amazon Fire

Amazon's Fire is one of the cheapest tablets money can buy right now, but it means it comes with some flaws. One of those problems was a lack of internal storage and Amazon has realized and tried to remedy it by doubling the storage on the latest release.

The Amazon Fire is now available in a 16GB option for £59.99 (US$69.99, around AU$110) while the 8GB option stays at £49.99 (US$49.99, about AU$92).

Those prices will also see adds served on your lock screen when the tablet isn't in use. If you'd rather not be pushed more products you'll have to shell out an additional £10 (US$15, around AU$20).

The rest of the tablet's spec stays the same with a 7-inch display, 1GB of RAM, a MediaTek MT8127 processor, VGA selfie snapper and a 2MP rear facing camera.

A little extra

You can also now buy both storage versions of the tablet in magenta, blue and tangerine alongside the original black color choice for the tablet.

Problem is, we didn't love the Amazon Fire tablet in our review, as we found it had a poor selection of apps, a dated screen and questionable OS design. That said for this price it's a struggle not to recommend it, especially now with the added storage.

What isn't clear is whether Amazon will continue to sell five Fire tablets for the price of four like it did on the original release - a quick dabble on the Amazon website suggests the deal is no longer available.

James Peckham

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