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Motorola hints strongly at second Xoom tablet

The Motorola Xoom set for Wi-Fi only little brother?
The Motorola Xoom set for Wi-Fi only little brother?

Motorola has dropped a big hint that it will soon be launching a Wi-Fi-only variant of its forthcoming Motorola Xoom tablet.

The new device still has yet to launch, but when quizzed at a recent round table discussion about a non-3G Xoom, the response contained a big hint about the future:

"We're betting big on our tablet strategy," said Andrew Moreley, VP International Marketing for Motorola. "We currently have a 3G and Wi-Fi model, which will be upgradeable to 4G [with an additional module].

Interesting development

"A Wi-Fi-only version hasn't been announced... but that will be an interesting development."

Motorola sadly couldn't come up with a Xoom release date, as only the Q1 timeframe for the US has been announced.

However, better news for those looking to develop for the Android 3.0-powered tablet: Google has promised the Honeycomb SDK will be delivered 'soonish' - which when pressed was changed to 'the coming weeks', with the full source code coming shortly after.