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Laptops with multi-cameras might appear as early as next year

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No matter if you buy a laptop from the entry-level price band or one from the premium range, the biggest gripe most of us have had is the average camera output, especially if you’re on the non-Apple side of the world.

Without a doubt, this has been the most common issue we‘ve had, it has remained unanswered for probably the longest time. However, it looks like finally this feedback has been heard and if reports are to be believed, manufacturers are looking to improve the camera performance on laptops by adding multiple camera sensors.

Interestingly the nine months of 2020 has given manufacturers more than enough reasons to finally add better cameras on the laptops. With the pandemic led lockdown which resulted in the surge of people working remotely and students attending their classes online, webcam on a laptop became the basic need.

DigiTimes has reported that upcoming laptops will come equipped with a wide-angle sensor, apart from the regular camera, to offer a larger field of view. There is no doubt that the wide-angle camera can add an interesting perspective to video calls when you want a group of colleagues or family members to be a part of the discussion.

However, its use of a wide-angle camera on a laptop, especially on the inner lid may be subjective and may have privacy-related issues. Additionally, people may still prefer a single lens but one that offers better clarity and doesn't shoot grainy videos.

It is also reported that since the demand of laptops, especially convertibles, some manufacturers may add a secondary camera on the outer lid of the laptop. Thus allowing users to click images from their point of view without having to disrupt their normal work routine.

Having said that, adding additional sensors or powerful sensors on laptops has remained an issue. Unlike smartphones, the laptop lid that houses the camera is fairly thin and the bezels are also vanishing slowly forcing brands to find an alternate place to house the camera. 

While the idea of adding another sensor is slightly iffy, however, we’re only glad that manufacturers have at least started working towards making our group calls look better.

Maybe, it is time to create punch-holes on laptop screens now. 

Via: Mobilescout

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