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It's now easy to start painting in VR with Google Tilt Brush

Google Tilt Brush illustration

Google's virtual reality painting software, Tilt Brush, just became much easier to use thanks to an update that adds a beginner mode for new users. 

Tilt Brush is great fun, letting you 'draw' in 3D using a VR headset and controllers, but its interface and floating palette of brushes are unlike anything you'll have used before, and can be daunting if you're drawing your first virtual masterpiece.

Thanks to an update that's rolling out now, Tilt Brush now lets you choose between Beginner mode, which just gives you the essentials you need to get started, and Advanced mode, which offers everything and the VR kitchen sink.

Different strokes

Google has also added 12 new brushes for painting with different textures and volumes, plus a pinning tool to lock specific items in place.

Google Tilt Brush

New VR painting brushes included with Google Tilt Brush

The mirror tool has received an update too. Mirrors let you replicate brushstrokes in multiple planes of symmetry, which can create impressive effects, but it's easy to lose them in a busy scene. Tilt Brush now gives you the option to recall your mirror and bring it right back beside you.

Tilt Brush is available for HTV Vive and Oculus Rift.

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