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iOS 13.2.2 is here and it'll fix that annoying bug the last update caused

(Image credit: Apple)

A new iOS 13 update has landed on your iPhone to fix an issue that you've probably experienced after updating to iOS 13.2.

That update brought an issue where apps would often close in the background when you switch to another app, making multi-tasking difficult, but the latest iOS 13.2.2 upgrade is designed to fix this issue.

We've yet to try out the update so we can't confirm if the issue is fixed, but the change is clear within Apple's notes and many are reporting that the problem is solved. It will also fix some issues that some had with mobile data and connectivity.

The 100MB update is designed mostly for bug fixes, so you shouldn't expect any brand new features in this minor upgrade. iOS 13.3 is already in the beta phase though, and that may bring larger updates to your phone.

You should be able to download the iOS 13.2.2 update to your phone now, or at least in the next few hours. You'll want to head to the Settings app on your iPhone and look under the General tab for the option that says Software Update.

If you have the update ready and waiting, it will give you the option to download it, followed by the option to install it.

Via GSMArena

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