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Amazon AutoRip reboots the CD with free cloud MP3s

Amazon AutoRip reboots the CD with free cloud MP3s
Amazon elegantly illustrates the problem with CDs

Amazon has just unveiled a new feature called AutoRip, which grants customers free MP3 version of CDs they buy from Amazon.

It's perhaps intended to lure people back to buying CDs and cut out the pesky iTunes middleman by removing the need for the disc to ever see the inside of your computer.

The MP3 versions are stored in your Amazon Cloud Player online and can be accessed from a computer, your smartphone, your tablet or whatever else you may have hacked to play MP3s.


The other obvious benefit is that you can buy a physical CD and start listening to the music straight away, without having to wait two to five working days for it to arrive.

Any eligible CDs you've bought on Amazon since 1998 will also be automatically added to your digital locker too - and with 37,499 eligible AutoRip albums currently on, you should be left with a fairly sizeable online collection.

We're waiting for official word from Amazon but it looks as though the AutoRip feature is only available on so far - we'll let you know if it's going global when we hear back from the retailer.