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Hulu joins Instagram's famous egg to spread mental health message

Do you remember the world record-beating egg that recently took over Instagram? Having garnered over 10 million followers and 52 million 'likes' on the photo sharing platform, the egg teamed up with Hulu to deliver an important message about mental health in an advert during the Super Bowl.

In the commercial, the egg appears to crack as a caption reads: "Recently, I've started to crack. The pressure of social media is getting me. If you're struggling too, talk to someone."

The advert then directs viewers to the Mental Health America website. You can watch the advert below:

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Egg-streme influence

The Instagram-famous egg was created by London-based advertising creative Chris Godfrey, as revealed by the New York Times

He created the egg (apparently fondly known as 'Eugene') in an effort to beat the record for the world's most liked Instagram post, with "something as universal and simple as an egg".

The post to beat was an image taken by celebrity Kylie Jenner of her baby daughter which had 19 million likes, and soon enough, Eugene's post nearly tripled that to reach 52 million. 

Godfrey told the New York Times that the egg's success was a "fluke that caught the world’s attention,” and that “it’s what you do with that attention that counts.” 

Whether we will see a spike in visits to the Mental Health America website over the next few days remains to be seen, but with Eugene's immense reach and baffling influence, one would hope that its followers start to talk more frankly about mental health. 

Main image: Eugene the Egg. Credit: Chris Godfrey via Instagram

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