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Sony negotiating Flash support for PS Vita

Sony negotiating Flash support for PS Vita
PS Vita - flashy

While Adobe may have given up on Flash Player for mobile, Sony is having none of it, claiming to be in negotiations with the software company to bring Flash support to the PS Vita.

Sony's division two software development head Muneki Shimad told Japanese publication Impress Watch that the company is "continuing negotiations" with Adobe and has "not given up".

The same interview also revealed that the PS Vita won't support 1080p at launch, although future updates might bring the higher resolution playback to the console.


Bad news for Mac users, your computers won't recognise the PS Vita as a mass storage device when it lands in February 2012.

While a PC utility will be created before the handheld comes out, Mac users won't be so lucky – but Sony's product division chief Hiromi Wakai promises that a Mac version of the utility is on the horizon "in the not-so-distant future".

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From Impress Watch, translated by AndriaSang via Edge