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Alienware demos giant 'curved' widescreen

Thought your 24-inch Dell flat screen was the height of gaming perfection? Think again, because Alienware has been demonstrating a rather unusual new prototype screen in its booth at CES.

This wider widescreen display is gently curved, so that it fills your peripheral vision.

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The ultimate widescreen

Size-wise, the Alienware display is equivalent to two, slightly bent 24-inch LCDs glued together. In reality it uses four separate panels - you can see the joins in one of our photos. Alienware has said that by the time the screen goes into production you won't be able to tell.

The Alienware curved display is also quite deep (see photo), as the screens use DLP rear projection technology. But this considerable fat-arse enables the Alienware screen to achieve a ridiculously fast 0.2 millisecond response time. Perfect for gaming.

Alienware demonstrated the LED-lit screen by running Crysis at 2880 x 900 pixels. As it's not a production model, there's no word on pricing. But when units become available, they'll presumably cost a lot more than the three, SLI-enabled graphics cards you'll need to actually run Crysis at the required resolution.