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Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 codename may suggest big change is coming

Samsung Galaxy Watch
Samsung Galaxy Watch (Image credit: TechRadar)

Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch alongside the Galaxy Note 9, so we're expecting to see the Galaxy Watch 2 unveiled alongside the Galaxy Note 10 on August 7. We don't know a whole lot about the upcoming smartwatch yet, but we've just heard one small bit of information.

Sources for SamMobile told the publication that the Galaxy Watch 2 is going by the codename 'Renaissance', which is fitting given the 'Da Vinci' codename for the Galaxy Note 10.

It doesn't tell us that much about the device, but we can try and guess at what Samsung is going for based on the meaning of the word 'renaissance', which the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as "A movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity" or "Rebirth, revival".

Merriam-Webster: Renaissance

2. A movement or period of vigorous artistic and intellectual activity  

3. Rebirth, revival

If we assume Samsung is aiming for the first definition, it suggests an emphasis on artistic expression for the user, which ties in with the Da Vinci codename on the Galaxy Note 10, with its S-Pen. 

Perhaps there will be an increased cross-functionality between the Watch and Note series, to facilitate creativity, or new apps or functions that let you take notes, and draw doodles or pictures with the watch.

The second definition seems the more likely though, as it points to a more obvious change Samsung could make – it could completely shake up the Galaxy Watch 2. 

The original Galaxy Watch was popular, but instead of merely making its successor a better version with improved specs in several categories, the company could instead try to make a completely new device.

That said, 'new' could mean a different design or interface – we're not expecting something radical like Samsung's patented foldable wearable phone.

We'll find out more about the smartwatch in August when we expect it to launch, so stay tuned to TechRadar for all the latest news and rumors.

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