The LTE Samsung Galaxy Watch is getting an overdue One UI update

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Samsung's Galaxy Watch was updated to One UI - a new software that was first introduced on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active - earlier this year, but one variant was curiously missing.

Until now, the most expensive and high-end Samsung Galaxy Watch - the LTE edition - has been lacking the new software, but it's now rolling out, so if you own one you can expect a hefty update in the coming days.

You'll find the new software is called either R805FXXU1ESE6 or R805USQU1BSE3 depending on where you live, and it will bring with it a variety of new features. The upgrade was previously included on the Samsung Gear Sport and Gear S3 too.

New features in the update include a few new animations and visual changes to the software to bring it more in line with the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, and the company's overall cleaner One UI design ethos.

One of the most interesting new features is just the fact that you'll now be able to tap the screen to wake up the watch. This can be turned off in the Settings, but it may mean interacting with your watch is easier than before.

The Settings menu is now easier to navigate after some changes, and you'll find more options under the Quick panel, allowing you to have more settings you can change with just a few swipes.

There are also a variety of new watch faces included if you want to update the look of your watch's screen, plus there are a few changes to Samsung Health, including a new outdoor swimming mode.

If you're finding the battery life isn't good enough on your Galaxy Watch, there's a new battery optimization feature that should help keep your device running longer than it did before the update too.

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