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O2 unveils own iPad data tariffs

O2 joins the iPad data party
O2 joins the iPad data party

O2 has announced its own pricing for the 3G data used on the new Apple iPad coming soon to UK shores.

The network is the second to do so, after Orange unveiled its tariffs last week, and O2 has come with fewer options than its colourful rival.

Users looking to iPad it up O2-style will only be able to choose from a pay as you go deal or monthly data.

If you fancy 500MB of 3G data, it will cost you £2 per day, but curiously you can go for a monthly recurring contract of £10 for 1GB of data.

When is a GB a GB?

How that works when the same £10 will get you 2.5GB of data on the PAYG plan, we don't know.

You can also get 3GB of 3G connectivity for £15 per month on a recurring deal, but there's no 10GB option like you get with Orange.

However, with O2's plans there is unlimited Wi-Fi on offer from BT Openzone hotspots - this is subject to a fair use policy, but there's not mention of a definite cap from O2.

You can also directly buy more data from the iPad on the O2 plan, rather than having to contact the network directly to confirm or remove your plan.

MicroSIMs will be available to nab from O2 shortly - keep your eyes peeled on for all the information.

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