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Microsoft mouse has 1GB of flash memory

The new mouse charges magnetically, so you don't need to stop working

Microsoft's new notebook mouse has an unusual party trick - it has 1GB of Flash memory on board the transceiver. Microsoft says the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is an industry first and reduces problems of USB port shortages.

The mouse also uses an innovative magnetic charging system that means you can continue working while the mouse recharges. The charging cord magnetically connects at one end to the underside of the mouse, and the other to the tip of the transceiver.

An AAA rechargeable battery also offers more than three weeks of battery power on a full charge.

"With the continued rise in notebook sales, there is a huge demand for smart peripherals that help mobile users get their work done more efficiently," said Matt Barlow from Microsoft Hardware.

Barlow is clearly rather enthusiastic about the mouse. "Adding a gigabyte of memory to the mouse transceiver is truly a computing milestone. We've packed more memory into the transceiver than an entire computer had 25 years ago," he said.